“It brings me great pleasure to inhabit one of the three houses Michel Lewis has built in Tonahtico. The adobe, wood, brick, volcanic rock, glass, rounded edges, reflecting pools, whitewashed walls, half-round clay roofing tiles and ceramic floors are organized in structures that mimic nature’s undulating contours. These structures are adorned with bougainvillea, bay laurels, banana palms, jacaranda trees, berries, orange and lemon trees, palms, ficus, lotus flowers, bulrushes, morning glory trees and flowering climbers.

A willingness to balance natural and built spaces is expressed in a loving dialogue between the interiors and endless gardens that extend into the valley vegetation and climb capricious summits over which eagles glide. Every year, there is a moment in which swallows gracefully circle in the wind, amongst minute flashes of scarlet coral tree flowers, the chirping of robins, sparrows and mockingbirds, and the sight of flocks of ravens. During the dry season, the cicadas dominate nature’s symphony and during the rainy season, on a starry night, frogs and toads chant. The murmuring silvery ribbons of two or three waterfalls cascade in the distance, bathed in moonlight.

All this seems natural, but it is the artistry of Michel Lewis. This scene lies at the foot of Piedras Quebradas, the jagged peaks of Tepoztlan, ‘the place of the copper axe,’ the mountain range that surrounds the sacred valley of Atongo, in Tonahtico, ‘the place of the Sun’.”

Felipe Garrido

We are a company based on well-established ecological principles that conceives each project as an opportunity to create a healthy and sustainable space of peace and inspiration for its occupants. We aim to ensure a positive environmental impact.

We draw inspiration from the inexhaustible beauty and effectiveness of the natural world, of life and natural processes. Our teachers and the different world cultures we have come to know also play an important role.

We adapt our projects to the environment, based not only on climatic, geographic and regional factors, but also on historical solutions that we have inherited from great teachers and millennial wisdom. We also integrate modern technology, materials and equipment in order to produce energy, heat water, recycle waste, and maintain adequate temperature and moisture control in the interior. All this is achieved in a natural and toxic-free manner.

As architects, we insist on contributing to a better environment, detaining degradation, regenerating the ecosystem of the places upon which we tread, and engaging in the creation of a new social paradigm that leads to coherent actions congruent with our basic interest to transcend through healthy and harmonious interpersonal relationships.

Health-related aspects, joy, regeneration, adaptation, wellbeing, recycling, and sustainability are an integral part of the success and quality of our practice, and are equally important as form, function, and economy.

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